My Story

My Story

“Please allow me to introduce myself…”

You can know who I am and what is my Hobbies. I hope it will help you with our Friendship.

Hello! Beautiful…I’ve MISSED YOU ALL! 😍

My name is Arjun Gopal Sharma, you can call me Arjun, Devil, Lucky or Sharmaji,🙂 I don’t mind really.

Founder & CEO of “CorrectSkill”, Speaker, Educator, Young Entrepreneur, Author, Student, Actor, Creative Film Script Writer, IT Educator, Mentor,  Web & Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Digital Marketing Consultant, Computer Hardware and Networking Engineer since 2006 (Started as a school kid 👶 ..!!!) and many more (Kuch Raz Sirf Raz hai 😂😂😂😂)…

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I don’t know who I am. I can’t really define myself in a sentence. My desires are endless. I’m a ☕ tea and coffee drinker and my hobbies include listening to podcasts, looking at the world through a 📸 camera lens. I want to travel ✈️the world🌎; to every corner of it. I want to read millions of 📚 books especially Harry Potter! I want to eat magi 🍝 till I grow old; learn a new language. I cannot let myself be described in a sentence. Never!

I’m mostly a daydreamer, I daydream almost every second of my life! I’m a big dreamer when I was little I wanted to be a Disney Channel kid 😂😂

I am very fortunate to work with many amazingly talented people and 💡 inspiring companies. I like to create things, 📸capture experiences, and share positive life-affirming moments.

I’ve learned in life that everything is possible. If you know you can do it (not just believe, but know), you will do it 🏆. With a never-give-up attitude and an open mindset, I want to achieve 💯 the best I can and be the best I can be.

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Internet and Ethical Hacking is my passion and I believe in 🙌 helping people with my abilities and 📚 knowledge base. I am learning these things for the last 13 years and it feels like learning is a part of my life now. I spend most of my free time messing with technology. 

🔷 Big Day: 🥳 Can you please wish me 🎁🎊🎉 on 13th SEP? (🎂 🕯️Cake Murder LOL..!)

🔷 Age: Technically, I’m 14 years old with 13 years of experience.

🔷 Nickname: Lucky, 🦹‍♂️ Devil

🔷 Languages💬: Rajasthani (Marwari) & Hindi (Native), English (Fluent), Gujarati (Intermediate), French (Want to learn..!!)

🔷 Key Strength: Belief in hard-working, Self-confidence, Good communication skills, Creative nature.

🔷 Yes, I Love🧡 Coke, Tea, Coffee, 📚Reading, Knowledge Sharing, ✈️Travelling, 🌎Finding new places and cultures, Learn…

🔷 Hate👿: Who do not DELETE the Chat History (Yes Really..!!) …. and SS – you thinking right (Screen Shot) of My Chat…

🔷 TEA OR COFFEE?: I really can’t pick!

🔷 PERFECT OUTFIT: Shirt and jeans, all year long


MISTAKES: Mistakes… We are all human beings… No one is perfect. How Will we learn if we don’t make mistakes? We should make as many mistakes as we can…

In addition to my full-time with CorrectSkill, I spend all of my free time on the following:

  • Spending time with my 👪 family
  • Setting up my little terrace garden
  • Creating 🎦🎬videos for my YouTube channel (Videos will be published soon)
  • ✒️Writing Articles for CorrectSkill
  • Trying to 💤 sleep more (3 hours or more😂🤣)
  • These are my priorities right now. I’ll update this page as and when my activities or priorities change.

🔷 Fun Facts About Me:

  • I can’t survive without my 💻 Laptop (Jasmin) & my 📱 Phone (Aladin)
  • Grab a ☕ cup of coffee or tea ( I like black-Lemon Tea 😉)
  • I tend to talk I mean 💬 💬 💬 talk a lot to people
  • I like to ✈️travel and 🌎 explore new places & cultures
  • My secret Crush is 🎼 MUSIC
  • Shhh… my love is “Balaji – Solid Masti” please don’t laugh 😉


If we were at a café together, one of those independent coffee shops, in front of a warm cup of coffee (or even tea if you prefer), you’d hear me chat of a mix of these very personal preferences…

I hustled, I failed, I cried, I lost, but I won, and I’ll always be one who hustles to 🏆 win.

Never STOP…

There is a page with PTO (Please Turn Over)

If you are going through a bad phase then don’t worry.

It will be fine, just keep in your mind this:-

Apna Time Aayega” – (My Time Will Come).

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I’ll always try to share all the best things I have ever learned, and this journey will continue…

I just hope someday I can make a small contribution to someone’s life who craves gathering knowledge.

I am standing by you as a mentor.

I made my passion for branding and web design my daily job. I study stories and dreams to handcraft authentic and always handmade logos, illustrated elements, web and print designs that tell your brilliant ideas with your own unique voice.

I’m passionate about web design ever since the early age of 14, and since then I have studied coding and user experience as a self-taught.

I say no to premade templates lacking personality, providing designs that let your unique “something” shine between the rest instead.

I work at every project with the same passion as if it was my own brand because I see your idea coming to life enthusiastically and make my own the goal of helping creatives, small business owners and bloggers find their own way on the web or in real life with designs that are not only beautiful but also efficient and jam-packed of their own personalities.

Multiple Times…

  • …I fell down
  • …I went into Depression
  • …I lost my health
  • …I lost faith in people

But one thing I never lost is HOPE!

I always believed strongly – Everything happens for a reason.

I kept going 😊 on without giving a DAMN to others (Society, Relatives & Haters)

As a society, I believe that we aren’t grateful enough for all the blessings we have. We’re always SO focused on what makes us sad, angry or disappointed. We’re always SO centred on what we don’t have, rather than thanking God for what we do have. We find it difficult to create, recognize or maintain our happiness. What I find surprising is how easy we give in to worrying, complaining, stressing, and over-thinking. Sometimes, we honestly can’t help it. Other times, we should honestly be choosing happiness – or at least trying. We should never ever give up. Why? Because happiness won’t come looking for us. We have to create it – Usually by looking after ourselves, our needs and our health. (There’s nothing wrong with being selfish every once in a while, right?)

So next time you feel as if you’re going to fail or have experienced the failure already… don’t dwell on it. Learn from it.

Don’t quit or give up – Don’t say “this is never going to work”

Use positive language all the time. Don’t say ‘I can’t”.

Say “I can and I will”.

Because Remember…”Believe In Yourself & Anything Will Be Possible

Laptop Lifestyle, work from home, travel and work, no office, be your boss, spend time with family, enjoy with friends – I kept on listening to all of these.

I was like – Yes, Yes, Yes I want this Lifestyle, I badly needed it YaaY.

CorrectSkill is the result.

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Initially, it was hard to believe if it was true or just a dream. My mind was trained to do job 9-6 put 8-10 hours every day and get a paycheque monthly (Salary)

It was hard, I am sure it would be hard for everybody who does a job.

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I won’t say I am yet successful. I believe there is no exact theory that defines what is SUCCESS.

Honestly, everyone has a different mindset/meaning for SUCCESS.

What is SUCCESS for me?

I would say:-

An improved version of Arjun G. Sharma every day.

  • So keep spreading love.
  • Keep working on what makes you happy.
  • Keep achieving something every day.
  • Keep learning something new every day.

Trust me it will help you.

Oops… I just realised I went into a more psychological path in between.

Coming back to the point…

Hurdles couldn’t stop me to keep going.

I just paused for a moment.

I looked back…

Do you know what I saw?

Society, Relatives and Haters are still there at the exact place where they were earlier.

I don’t have any grudges for them.

I simply give my all credits to them…

I say – 🙏🙏 Thank you very much for becoming an important part of the journey.

I hope that you enjoyed the story of my life.

Once again, thanks a lot for taking the time to read this. I look forward to connecting with you.

P.S. all thoughts, opinions, sentences etc. are my own.

Really Hope You Enjoyed Reading! Thank you! And Remember SMILE! 😄

Tell me about you! Tell me your news! Tell me anything! My ears are here ‘n’ ready! Did you like my story?

What Did You Think of My Story? What Makes You Happy? Is There Anything You Can Relate To?

Leave me a comment below! 🙂! Talk to me!


Love & respect
Arjun G. Sharma